I think my cocksucker friend is angry with me. He’s going to make this easy on em and give me a reason not to text him anymore. I sincerely hope. But he’s so “understanding” awwww he’s so kind and empathetic. He’s a fucking… I don’t have any gripes with him actually I just don’t want […]

the p[roblem is i believe in telepathy and it’s a curse or i guess you could say the other way around take ur pick PISSANT

i have to be honest with myself no one keeps track of me more than my brother and he really actually only does so once a month month month … and no my mom keeps track of me daily cuz the brain disease but no excuses for poor behavior! well it s agray araea nothing […]

This is important to me as well If silence of mind is earned or respect or like if soomehow people can contribute or detract from the peace of your mind why how is peace of mind equivalent to respect? how is respect being earned equivalent to calming one’s thoughts? they’re not but they are it […]

This is so important to m ethat I have to write it down to remind myself: If I lose my mother to a stroke, it will be because I am treating her my own age. I must not do this. She is older than me. Wiser than me. More mature than me. Has been through […]

i’m so fucked. i don’t know what to do. Someone help me. My best friend doesn’t text back. He just doesn’t. He says he reades my texts he doesn’t. He’s totally mia he has his own life he’s moved on dumped me platonically and I cling but not really. I just talk. It’s a habit […]

If people know how to harass me psychically and everyond oes then i should learn to report it psychically to th epsychisc police not to be confused with the thought police though I’M the criminal! =O it’s so confusing i’m not the criminal i’m the civilian THEY’RE the crtiminals! the thought police at least ought […]

I don’t know what to do. I still cant’ seven survive these schizoprthenic episodes. And Im not supposed to talk about it not even anonymized nothing is safe. Nothing is safe. How do I exist. Just go to work. Theres a guarantee That as long as I go to work Things will be okay But […]

I put up with my coworker then i put up with this bimbo on twitch who was trying to upload a video and like refused my help shot herself in the foot people like to be smartass and shoot themselves in teh foot for that buzz that high of beating the shit out of the […]


I am seeing formulism to life. Everything is formulaic. Everything follows a pattern. This is starting to sound like core schizoaffective disorder. Which I don’t have. Except I do. I don’t know. I mean I don’t know. Wow. I could be depressed before we know it. Disenchanted with life. I did a little exercise today. […]