I put up with my coworker

then i put up with this bimbo on twitch who was trying to upload a video

and like

refused my help

shot herself in the foot

people like to be smartass

and shoot themselves in teh foot

for that buzz

that high

of beating the shit out of the weak

when tehy’re down

my brother went through this

i knwo it

and he’s quiet

and there was

i’m not for him

i wasn’t there for him

i wasn’t there for either of my brothers

this bimbo trying to upload this video is just

i’m not helping her

i tried

her persaonlaity is in the way

i am so sorry for my brother

and my baby brother

both of them

they are my only friends

maybe nick

but really

we never

i dont know

maybe we just arent

maybe even my brothers arent friends

that is not how i want to see the world but maybe that is just it

i have to shit and pee

and like

moms in the broom

and this bimbo with her vid

and my coworkers

all these people who abuse a mentally ill person

it’s great

i behave well mannered

i dont cause p[roblems

like what

how do people

get away with CRIME

not even rudeness but CRIME

i’d leave sometimes

just get up and leave

but there is no place to go

but there is

thgat is just an excuse

but i have to do it so often




there is no place to go

i have a brain disease

and everyone but me

is a criminal

tis isnt a delusion

theres that much evil slime on earth

in humanity

watch out

those of you

who are still pure of heart


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