If people know how to harass me psychically

and everyond oes


i should learn to report it psychically

to th epsychisc police

not to be confused with

the thought police


I’M the criminal!


it’s so confusing

i’m not the criminal

i’m the civilian

THEY’RE the crtiminals!

the thought police at least ought to do their job

you all pricks

fuck off is the strongest self defense i can say

this is going to be a war not a battle



i need to increase my medication


in the evening

by 250 mg

the depakote

and wait

a few weeks

because it is a good medication

for me

I’m the simple case

when do you be humble

and when do you be selfish

what is how do you alive

someone teach me without teaching me

i dont want to know jack shit

fuck you

god this is a war

how do i help myself

quitting it

i lose this one


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