i’m so fucked. i don’t know what to do. Someone help me. My best friend doesn’t text back. He just doesn’t. He says he reades my texts he doesn’t. He’s totally mia he has his own life he’s moved on dumped me platonically and I cling but not really. I just talk. It’s a habit not platonic liove or care. To be clear. I like him kind of but really, I dont want to be friends with him anymore. I want this to end.

How do I do this.

This is so confusing.

He treats me so poorly.

off otpic, new one.

the things that bothers me most about this, about the society i live in, is the injustice. everyone breaks the law. everyone is illegal in how they behave. there are standards of civility that are not being upheld. how are they? well i mean they arent. but how would they be? it usually just happens. it had my whole life. but i think that was because people were mostly not in my life. they still arent. if i think they are that s adelusion.

what was nick like before. i hate him. i want him gone.

what do i do.

i dont like this society a lot.


someone assassinate God and burn down the whitehouse.

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