This is so important to m ethat I have to write it down to remind myself:

If I lose my mother to a stroke, it will be because I am treating her my own age.

I must not do this.

She is older than me. Wiser than me. More mature than me. Has been through more than me.

Less understanding. But thinking that only hurts her. But I must also open my mind. So the youth are killing the elderly? Just by being alive?

That’s not true.

Oh wait she’s from a different culture.


I don’t want to hurt her to death just by being a free thinker.

She believes in free thought anyway too so what givers with the sudden mood shift.

Did I mae her angry trying to help again.

People like me for helping them all the time dont they.

I dont want my mom to have a troke.

But the rest of you can.

Brothers i care about too.

They wonder what I think about THEIR friends.

Dont they.

No comment until tomorrow.

Just as a deposit on my surivvla.


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