I think my cocksucker friend is angry with me.

He’s going to make this easy on em and give me a reason not to text him anymore.

I sincerely hope.

But he’s so “understanding” awwww he’s so kind and empathetic.

He’s a fucking…

I don’t have any gripes with him actually I just don’t want to be his friend anymore.

Or maybe I don’t like violence a lot.

What does that mena though, like stylistically? cuz that makes u a barb

everyone hates me

i dont want to talk to him when he’s mad at me like this

it’s so unreasonable

he’s being very reasonable

im doing nothing but apologizing

he texts me back and gives me some options

good good i said something sane

okay well maybe i didnt fuck this up after all

well play this cool

maybe we’er enot drowned yet

yeah i need to stop bothering him its not healthy for me to psteer him like this i just make him angry

whihc is his narrow mindedness showing

in all other regards hes awesome

but i am his weak spot

whatever the fyuck that meansu!


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