I am seeing formulism to life. Everything is formulaic. Everything follows a pattern.

This is starting to sound like core schizoaffective disorder.

Which I don’t have. Except I do. I don’t know.

I mean I don’t know.

Wow. I could be depressed before we know it.

Disenchanted with life.

I did a little exercise today.

How much to not be depressed?

We HAD to spend tax dollars funding the science to know the numbers to inform us how much exercise to not be depressed so we would want to so we would not b e.

WTF just do it yourself retards.

But then again, how much?

No like really cheap.


Better than war?

Or more useless?

I dont know who is arguing what now.

It is just stupid.

I’m talking for you all.

And none of you all.

No on eis invitited.

This is done my way.

The noise is a product of your imagination.

So fuck off.

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