It’s Painful

CannibalQueen talking about how her pet rabbit as a kid pooped on the carpet when it got angry.

Humans murder each other and burn down villages when they get angry.

Oh well.

I always think people are TALKING ABOUT ME FCUK.

BuT. My doctor. Says that I’m diagnosed. I mean he has diagnosed me. With schizoaffective disorder. It’s a variety. Of schizophrenia. So like paranoia, as a medical condition, plus some other stuff, and too much emotion, mostly sadness. The sadness thing isn’t too prominent. You’re never gonna fit the bill perfectly. Iunoo. But you should.

So. It’s like. I’m. Crazy. But it’s a medical disorder. =(

I dno’t like being paranoid. It’s… painful? Is it pain? It feels like pain. It’s like uncomfortable, painful, sort of kinda of in between related.

It’s related.

But is’ bad. Thats’ for sure.


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