So my friend hasnt been a friend, not talking to me, because he has a gf and his own life problems, and so hes blaming my social attitude and sharing wholeheartedly and warmly with him almost everything in my life as a disrespect and disregard for his “agency”. So that’s nice, I’m glad he considers his side of the situation a mere action to produce a result? I suppose that is what that means. Agency. Hmm.

Basically he is saying he feels removed from the conversation. Because I’m talking so mucht o him.

He’s a retard.

If I tell him literally everything going on in my life and he feels removed from the conversation he’s just stupid.

And I have no words.

He really just doesn’t care about me and doesn’t see it yet.

He’s moved on.

I should stop before he gets angry at me and hurts me with words. People know how to do that because I’m the only kind one left on Earth.

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