Telepeathy for me is triggered by social thought or just seeing people or knowing they are around.

My brain also can’t process the concept of “alone”.

My therapist is such an indept douche.

I have no autonomy and no wiggle room.

God I just got to go to work tomorrow then survive this weekend then keep surviving that routine until I’m dead.

I don’t know what happens after that but at least it might be different.

Might not.

We’ll see.

Computer paranoia?


Blogger paranoia?

Yes (means of fans and stuff.)

And others.

General paranoia? Yes.

Family? Yes.


Sad sad sad.

Why would some things mean more than others though. Who knows.

I just want to not need the things some people need to get places that they get using them. I should be able to reach certain states of mind without what they use. Just cuz.

I’m sure that’s normal.


GM Aman on Twitch is a cocksucker.

Nick’s a cocksucker.

Who else whoe sle..

Who else fucking blows.

Only the quiet people are good.

And I’m sure half of them are DOING terrible things.

Humans are trash or rats or whatever, and they just hate me so much. Idno’t know why. IT’s really irrational.

I hope my mom survives the night.

I need to figure out how to go to bed.

I never was one to strategize…

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