I get bitched at a lot.

And then people CLAIM I am infringing on their rights?

When all I am doing is thinking.

They are wrong.

Have been wrong.

Will be wrong.


yes, even the ones who call me cranky.


People don’t let em think anymore.

I question like, was ita luxury? To be left alone?

Some get lonely, that much alone time.

All the time.

I chose to hang out sometimes.

I chose to be alone others.


I had a choice.

I’ve done the best I’ve ever done in m ylife, ignoring you.

Whoever you are, voice other, hacker, stupid, psychic more powerful than melesser than me thing that deserves nothing and gets everything.

You are there.

You will not be.

I win.

I lose.

I hope it’s over…

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