I feel like people I know are spying on me.

That’s so creepy.

I don’t know why there isn’t like…

A way to keep tabs on people without policing them.

IT’s odd we don’t have this yet.


I mean.


Yeah I don’t know how it works.

I would assume it does.

But it hasn’t for me. For a long time.

I see reason why good people I used to know used to be good would not be good now.

Moral failures.

Still engaged.

Will reproduce.

Good luck species!

Maybe more war…

But uhh…

It’s not racism, it’s diversity. Stupid. Get over it. Your definitions are skin deep. Superficial stupid idiot.

Be proud of your geography, if you want, for whatever reason. There’s not a whole lot to it.

You’re mostly useless.

I forgot you.

I was busy.

Who are you again?

Aside, off twitch for now. Hopefully can sleep. Else, coffee will help.

Morning dose of depakote still kicking in. Evening tomorrow. =/. Hope that helps.

This, is definitely not a person> This concept, this idea, of narrowmindedness, of formulaic patterns. It’s called formulaic. And it’s horrifying.

IT’s my depression. I should watch out. I figured it out. My depression starts with the formulaic. And seeing everything as formulaic. It’s mind-crushing. Not numbing, cuz that’s kinda peaceful, but crushing. The violent kind.

And I have to fight it so hard. I don’t know how yet. Violent words are uncivil. Be polite!

Silly people.

So I have to fight my formulaic depression or whatever.

I got to up my meds tomorrow evening.

Work tomorrow. Somehow survive at HOme the whole day holy shit forgot about that. Doing labwork is tedious and inhumane to the mentally advanced like myself but at least i tkeeps me busy, as my mother puts it.

You’re all slime. As usual. Prove m otherwise.

Goodnight until I become a noise vioaltion again.


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