Basically my point is instanity and belligerence seem more common than friendship and decency now.

Or just being normal.

For fuck sake normal is normal.

IT’s not a math funcction. IT’s always been there.

Are ytou people blind.

Weird is normal.

Weird is weird.

What’s not normal:

Kicking someone when they’re down.


Those two.

So like that.


And my other question:

Ho wmuch society foundation is built off of lies.

And who doesn’t tell me these things.

(Who would know?)



I’m so tired. It’s 1. I have insomnia. Ironically dad put up insomniac on youtube in the living room.

What is safe.
What is safe.

What is safe.

I’m horrified.

Like it or not, you arte on your own. You are. You rre on your own. Look at yourself. No one’s there for you. You say it all the time. You complain about it, for chrissake. And look how far you’ve gotten, granted, you’ve almost succumbed to the motherfucking devil (which some might think is raw), but holy hell, holy hell wow. I dno’t know who or what you are anymore. How do you survive this. Death ought to bea fucking guarantee. I wanted to die. Did I not? Iwanted to die so bad. That was not fair.

And it never is. And this is how people exist. They want to die, when they are in so much pain they can’t handle it, or confusion, or whatever, those bad things that classify you for wanting ot die, and no one gets it. And why isn’t assisted suicide legal.

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