But yeah not a politics junkie. Bad sbad note to end on.

Point is you are independent, you’ve proven it. Good work. Tough luck on everyuthing else.

Thanks. Even if I dont hate you I promise I dont theyre just words. =)

Ive just abandoned my good behavior on here in favor of honesty so that I can fucking have a hope of having somewhere where I can dump. But it looks like WRITING is not a good way to VENT any more.

Good work, English. Crude language.

Yeah I need to learn French. That’s just all there is to it.


But point is good work, I made it very far.

What was that?

Something else?

I’m alone and I don’t know it.

Yeah that one…

That’s good.


I’m so scared.

Something bad is going to happen. I know it.

Thi sis a symptom of paranoia, but they didnt drill it into me.

My dad was schizophrenic. He recovered. Maybe. Or he just doesnt share it anymore. If he did, he would beleive that hiding it on the inside makes it not exist. But hes that way. He thinks alone is alone, and private is private.

But he had a tin foil hat one moment. I was on the piano bench next to him that night. His crisis night. I cant believe we are putting such lame words to this.

What happened.

I’m so sorry for him.

Why did he live through that.

I dont see how anything will ever make what happened to him worth his time.

What a stupid polite thing to say.

Well anyway I dont see why I had to live through what happened to me, either. It’s been so bad.

I just want ot talk about this for so long.

I dnot want to talk about bad people anymore. Lets forget them. Lets just forget all teh bad people.

And that will be that. =)

Maybe we just have to give it time to heal. Maybe that’s all…

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