So like, the evil slime component of the human population (the bad guys) call it empathy. They’re Republican Christians, but some of them are acting like liberals too.

Then, the good guys, us, not many, and you’ll never see another one there are so few (cuz there are a billions on the planet), call it telepathy. Which is more accurate and we’re right. That’s what it is.

But guns like preservatives. And language dies hard.

So like. The point is. It’s not about style. Tha’ts not what I’m going for. I don’t care about you, or winning.

I want. I want to be left alone.

I’m not left alone. That’s the point. I’m not left alone when I’m in someone else’s space. Maybe I am. But not in my brain. They can reach me in my brain. I mean I hear their voices in my brain. it’s the telepathy I just talked about.

OR did you forget.


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