I got to stop messaging my therapist tonight. He’s “annoyed” or the professional equivalent. And he can wiretap me because he has that technology. Everyone and their grandma does actually shit the caffeien ugh ugh fuck fuck fuck…

I wonder if amber caused my brain diseases.

Well thats nice and romantic but i have a big problem to deal with. it’s rather a problem and it’s rather big. it’s my brain disease. It should last a few more years at least up to the rest of my life.

my point is there’s no such thing as motivation, nor morale, nor empathy, nor this soft fuzzy stuff they teach the humsocs. YOure all stupid retards. The point is… life and reality are physical. can you touch it. time is physical. emotions are physical. motion is physical. if it’s real it’s physical. everything is physical.

don’t get confused now! war pain suffering and the other cardinal voices are physical too! ;-)

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