Something about my ex. I dont really call her that we broke up on good terms.

But eh.

I dont talk to her.

But she raped me in a few delusions.

I have nightmares about lots of stuff.

I think its calming down.

There may or may not be more coffee downstairs.

When am I getting to sleep.

How do I stop this caffeine addiction.

I dont get headaches. I get nerve pain and psychosis.

Wow. Help.

People. Like. Explotiing me. And then also sort of abusing me. Victimizing me. NOT helping me like I asked them to. Hacking my brain’s visual cortex, auditory cortex, whatever it’s neural stuff.


humans are not nice or fun any of them.

I guaranteed myself an lone life for the most part probably ill get one.

ugh i do this thing where i limp up now. tis’ so regressive and rusppressed represse suppressed whatever conservative brain diseasey that i literally my muscles go weak.

i dont exercise enough. im so weak.

the voices.

i dont know what ot do.

bathroom and coffee.

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