I really ought to keep my doctors more up to date on how I am doing. That means like tonight. That means like a lot, because I have a lot of problems.

I don’t. Understand. Some things.


I imagine people.

I imagine version of people.

Can be very realistic but not at all viivid

Maybe this is the new thing for me

It can cause real imaginary pain

Not surte how to fix that




i am staying up because i just feel like it

no real reason

i cant go on twitch because terrorists or some garbage

everyone is spying on me

i ama very important person

buyt not like a fugitive of course

oh not the paranoid are learning from their ancestors mistakes


it’s silly isn’t it…

how there’s misinformation in stereotypes

yeah i did bad things

no i dont know maybe not

i have to assume confidentiality on here though

no wrong word



that one


if everyone hated me i wouldnt know



how do i sleep tonight and what do i do until i do

also how do i avoid depression all day tomorrow! and how do i survive until the extra dose of depakote kicks in! that’s like a week away!

also the klonopin didnt work!


mismanaged mismanaged

some poeple sue for malpractice

i rpoabbly should…

im crazy enough

i just need a normal lawyer

not even a good one

a normal one

make it a medical malpractice lawyer

you win

i win


but it s like

too sck to go to the hospital

too sick to sue for malpractice

no philosopher

has solved this yet

this is a real problem



someone study


in scvhool



ugh i quit

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