Okay mom gives me the okay to be a bitch on my blog. I read her thoughts.

Or dont do that either.


No privacy no decency.

Just heartbeats.



She gave m some useelsess advice on text.

To sleep.

So I still cant.

ITs okay she cant help[ me anymore we both know this. I mean she doesnt i do.

i assume too much.

i messaged my psychiatrist (psychiatrist) again too, complaining about no comfort from bedsheets.

is longer better?

no, youll know when its worth writing down

bad writers man

they do no harm to anyone

so anyway…

what’s it like


where’s it from

but most importantly

you’ll know when the time comes

what to do

or jack shit liek that

god this doctor is inept

i need to sue all my doctors

a lot

that means more than once

for good measure

im not threatening them

because they cant hear me

because wiretapping is illegal

so no one does it

except recreationally

so this is fair game

but also be brutal more

so i mean like

yeah im just sueing my doctors

and twitch

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