no really fucyk youy

No one knows this, but poetry is trash.

Here I”m going to blog about it.

There I just did.

Why is my pshyciatrist (not therapist) psyhciiocally invading my privacy at 314 am to “help” me. They say they help me they dont.

Here let me help you.

(Shoots in head)

Maybe I should be worried about this psychiatrist?

All american medicine?

All medicine?


I am?


They dont know.

Thats why he visited.

Old phd friends.

I never got one.

So many stories.

So much death.

I have no escape.

I need to sleep tongiht.

I had so much coffee but I’m not wired at all.

I just feel calm. Mellow. Kind of at ease.

But people are psychic and just wow the evilsest most evilest evil I have ever met. How do I not interact with anyone ever again. Thi sis hopeless.

But yeah economics I have to buy things from them and work for them, but that’s about.

Feel free not to interact iwth epople!

Oh yeah also where does my entertainment come from?

How do I access nature without people?

It’s like

entertainment can com from poeple

and nature

is what i see as the two opptions

maybe if ur creative theresa infinite

im not so there isnt

so theres two entertainment options

nature and people

people shoot me in the head with guns

and somehow i survive the bullet wounds

but it hurts like i die every time anyway

no one seems to care that would be helpful or would it who knows

toughen up they say


ill let them die

repay the favor



there is like

where do i go to get nature

there are parks

but i have to drive to them

so like

for starters

do i global warming to get there?

and also

why are there so few

yes that’s a serious question

then also

why are they so unsafe or is that jus tnature or are there like parks that are always safe even at night

or is all nature “out of servic” ie illegal at night

like all nature is illegal at night

but some you need a camping permit?

america’s “natyure system” is shit

and americans are fucked in the head

ium surte other countreis too

why is there a system around nature

oh yeah because of epopel

so people own my entertainment

and people own my nature

and so i dont have anything really

so i just have to do nothing all the time

which is so hard

because i really just wander around a lot and stumble upon things

fuyck you

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