I feel sane this morning. God, it feels good. Wow. Holy hell. I love life.

You don’t need shitty “friends” dragging you down, beating you up, ignoring you as you beg at their feet for morsels of caring.

You don’t need Nicks in your life. People who claim to be there for you, who ignore your texts, who “read every single one!” and don’t respond at all. Ever.

It’s so hypocritical. I don’t get it. I don’t know what’s wrong with him.

In other news Kaiser is a corrupt medical organization. It’ll be on the news someday. They abused me at the medical offices I went to for my labs on Friday (yeseterday I mean). They got the whole patients area hive-minded and like everyone was singling me out and victimizing me.

Side note: Americans are impolite (rude), and don’t know how to behave, solve problems, do anything. They’re just indecent human beings. China 2.0! =P

Well anyway. This place is lost. I just want my money and you all shits leave me alone.

But jk who am I talking to! I’m sure there are many international citizens who love me! =) I love you too.

Forget all I said. We all have.

I’m going to keep being alive. I’m going to keep being great. For now I get these scarring memories that sort of jar me and I’m a little in denial about them. But I’ve recovered. It’s over. It’s over.

I’m on 1000 mg depakote twice daily. That’s a lot! Isn’t it? =O

It seems like a big number. A gram of a medicine. Wow. Synthesis costs. Must be expensive. No idea how the health insurance works.

Abuse of customers…

I’m going to hark on things that haunt me.

Well, let’s be alive together.

I love you. Let’s live on forever.

=D x100

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