Dad’s burning incense in the pantry. He’s crazy. He never got a diagnosis I did. I’m his son. Genetics.

People, lots, still spy on me, and are in denial about it. Fuck you all.

Uploading some vids. Gonna try to make some content on youtube with mom. Nature stuff.

Bought some books and manga at Barnes and Noble. Became a member for the discounts. Eh. It’s fun to shop there every once in a while. It’s $25 yearly for a discount.

The incense smells like shit, and is atrocious for the lungs. Even not being near it, but just in the same room. Mom better vacate.

I have to fucking read this book on my kindle before I can move on to other books. I don’t like this one. But I have to finish it. Because of OCD.

I don’t get some things in life. I get this phantom pain. Medicine hasn’t done anything about it. I don’t know. I’m very upset with my healthcare provider. I don’t believe in ghosts but whoever likes scamming people with them, or whatever natural phenomenon that causes them, haunts me. So I am unpleased. But I guess it’s an accident, or a coincidence.

Politics on TV downstairs. Parents.

Dad watching.

I don’t know.

Surviving moment to moment.

I guess there’s nothing wrong with that.

Do I write this blog to contribute, or do I do it for myself?

Hard question.

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