I need to figure out how to be a good netizen while having these things called “hallucinations” and “delusions’ that have never been fully explained to me, but to me look like people being shit human filth in my brain, the most vulnerable organ.

They do it because I’m stupid but they break a lot of laws along the way. It is never justified. There’s so much corruption that has to happen for it to be real.

So it isnt’?

No there’s a real reason it’s not real. I just don’t know what it is but you get used to logic after a while.

I’ve lost most of mine…

I have my emotion still. Some people lose that! Hey! Who knows!

But anyway. I have to learn to live with evil. Hallucinations are evil, whether you believe the people are it argument or the neurotransmitter imbalance argument.

Logic. Evidence. Life. Delusions.

Some try to help. Am I too irritating? Am I too much for people?

I’m sorry.

I don’t know.

It’s so weird.

I need to relearn where my boundaries are.

I need to relearn what’s rightfully mine.

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