Manga from the book store

I’m reading this manga, No. 6, it’s starting to get good. Volume one, for once volume one of a manga from the bookstore. The art is shit but there are some neat things starting just yet almost 1/2 of the way through (finally). I don’t didn’t like it up til now the intro was terrible.

I love the smell of a fresh book of manga. I love fresh bookstore stuff.

I had some coffee at 7 so i might have insomnia.

I dont know how people sleep! I need to learn to sleep! My psychiatrist says depakote might halp with insomnia for some reason. Odd.

So there’s that.

But I ought to lift mega weights for an hour (and TIME IT) to burn my calories so I can sleep. My problem is I just have too much energy. Might not seem like it but I do. It’s just all suppressed. I was abused so terribly by my father as a child. Nothing physical. Completely psychological. It’s not that bad. I was just really scared for some reason. Sigh…

Manga is cool..

I bought like four from the store. Branes and Noble. Looking forward to the other three even more–they have better art!

Got some other books…

I don’t ever feel like doing the whole blog post.

No motivation. Can you tell?

I’m better than some people tho. I’m so sad. So many have it so bad. Wow. IT’s so horrifying. it makes me cry. I’m crying.

Well a little.


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