Some advice from ghosts. Fucking ghosts are stupid man. I still get short of breath, modern medicine isn’t even that smart, you’re telling me ghosts are proselytizing.


Life’s good without Nick.

Not that he would actually say Hey let’s do something this weekend. He just doesn’t do it.

Last night was horrible for my symptoms. Things didn’t get worse but it was unpleasant.

It only gets better here on out. I am tolerating the increased dosage so I will be better helped by it.

But until then… psychic telepathy on me it is =(.

Hmm. That Russian pianist on Twitch. She was amazing. I love her.

As far as the strength of that word can be qualified through online interactions, and only one-sided at that.

Honestly. English.

I should be careful I suppose. Which goes against all my instincts. To be careful. She really is amazing, though. =)

I don’t know why I woke up this morning, though. Does that sound like I’m depressed? Ugh…

I need something to do. I ought to study data science. So hard! Well at least it will take a while. The credentials… I need them!


But I like just hanging out here, and so do you, so why not.

Fingermeghosts! Or what would it be. So it goes.

I wonder if you’ve found me already. I’m better than this. But why not judge me at my worst. Yeah…

It’s alright.

Pashol y pashol.


So it goes.

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