Finished vol. 1 of No. 6. Went out with the family minus dad. With the family means minus dad. That’s just what it means. We don’t go out with him anymore. That causes trouble. He’s a psychopath. The violent bad mannered kind. He gets into fights and causes civil problems. =/

He spat behind people downtown crossing the street when we went to dinner once. He’s that type. No one noticed. I don’t know I didn’t know what to do. I don’t need to apologize on his behalf, he’s his own person. But what, I don’t know.

He’s also a spy punkass retard sackashit.

So that’s my dad.

Did I mention I finished the manga vol 1. No 6? Terrible. No imagination, rote, the same trope–utopia with shadows–but an introduction for the children to the, um, motif. Plot concept. Maybe elementary to middle school reading level. It’s a manga.

I have a lot to say. People are on my ass with guns. Mostly my dad.

Life’s never normal.

Ugh. Probably I should go have a famotidine. Brb.

Man my room is stuffy. But the wind from outside–too impatient. Fuck you.

Police state police state police state nuke america bring it down.

Fuck you all.

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