And we see–

None of this was supposed to happen. You’re not supposed to examine your own mind when it’s doing bleh, interacting with nah, taking thinking etc.

You’re not.

Your mind should be taken for granted. It just works. You don’t like engineer it reverse engineer it unless you’re curious and you want to.

I never wanted this.

What a curse.

I’m like some sort of maybe good at neuroscience talented gifted or something sort of person.


I could be good at things I don’t even care about.


Thank you all I shouldn’t shut the door.

I want to win. Have you noticed? My competitive spirit is quite strong.

I think being noisier than others is winning vs them.



It goes.

I don’t know.

I don’t know.

I’m remembered of people. They just scar me. No I mean they did. And when I remember them it hurts. So I shut it out ASAP. More logical explanation.

So anyway what else…

Man there are simple explanations for things. Really. I don’t know why I complicate it.

It’s all I can do. To survive.


Feeling the paragraph often style.

More people who scarred me.

I’ve had social anxiety disorder my whole life excuse me.

Or just see the fault in everyone.

Or just unlucky with people! That’s right, Tito! That’s right.


Without further ado.

The mask.


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