I found this twitch streamer who is this angel beautiful girl. Age range approximation 13-20. Wow. I don’t even know. So pretty.

And. And. She has chronic neuropathy in her hands.

It’s so sad. I wonder. I feel like, and this is my delusion too, but… there’s… soemthing to it…

I feel like people did things for me tonight. Not my family. They did something for me.

They talked to me.

Thye didn’t do anything?

A little.


Well anyway she lives in St. PEtersburg. Wow. It’s so weird, Russia is… not doing well? Doing well? Putin is a terrible leader, but Iunno, it’s a real country with real politics. You knnow? We had trump for a while. I’m sure others were sorry for us.

It’s strange…

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