They go, and then?…

Wait… telepathy isn’t real?

So like you guys are wondering, why would I think you can read someone’s mind, at all? It doesn’t exist it’s been disproven or it’s just ridiculous or both?

It’s more normal for y’all to say-think… you can read a face. Get to know someone.

And to me it’s mind reading.

Why is that?

Wow hmm I’m way more brainfucked than I thought I was.

My reality must be so warped. I’ve been here years I apologize, I forgot what sanity feels like.

I really do. Apologize, though. Sigh…

Simultaneously, my mind is warped. It has been. For years.

Eight years, approx.

Maybe this is the awkward recovery phase.

Who knows.

The depakote.

I’ve been a huge asshole. Is that a part of brain disease?

I don’t know. Don’t ask me. It’s more comprehensive than me.


My coworkers don’t know I have a mental illness. This identity is hidden. I’m just a name and a mail address on here.

You can reach me.

But you don’t know who I am.

And people who know me.

Might know this is me.

It’s odd. Who knows who on the internet.

I feel safe. I feel anonymous. Pseudonymous. Anonymous. Mom. No that’s paranoia.



Punished. Good one.

So I’ll just relax for now.


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