I really wanted to go to bed, too. In comfort. Instead I’m like seeing things at the periphery of my vision in my room. Frightening things. Little creatures. Ugh. It’s so stupid. Life is stupid. The brain is so easy to fool. Why is it like this.

I need to figure out how to feel safe. Fast. I raided the kitchen. There’s never anything. I found a slice of pizza from the day. that’s it. And I had some milk to finish the crust.

I’m not here to creep anyone out. That’s easy and anyone could perpetuate that idiocy. So like, why bother. It’s fun, but it’s stupid.

What’s more mature, is, keeping a level head, looking at the analytics, thinking of the global affairs and news and science and health. And reasoning with it all. And making a plan of action.

Right. I’m talking like I have any power.

Well, we all do.

Do your chores, at least.



Whatever. I don’t know.

I just am waiting for this latent terror to wear off. It’ so stupid.

I need to relearn to enjoy reading. Why don’t I?

So many neurons. My brain is so regrowing. The neurotransmitter imbalance is epic.

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