My caffeine consumption is correlated with feeling bad so my therapist jumps to conclusions and says I should reduce it.

Dur hur.


But that’s most of real life. That’s why humans are in such deep shit EVERYWHERE.

Fuck you all. You’re all trash.

I don’t care.

I have to get over caring about others so much. I’m too SOFT, not too HARD. Lol. It’s obvious, isn’t it?

I’m a softie.


I’ll try to drink less coffee.

He’s such a prick. My therapist is like, so politically correct. So politically correct. He’s obviously a conservative.

Wow such a prick.


Not sure why he hasn’t been murdered by the Black Panthers yet.


He ought to have been.



What else…

I have group therapy at 6 today. I’m tired of hiding. I’m going to talk about my life? Sound good? No one knows when my class is anyway.

He also recommends quitting the Coursera until I can focus better.

Eh. I don’t know.

I guess it’s not the end of the world, GIVING UP.

Thanks, doc! You da best. Encouraging quitting.

On two accounts, actually…

That works out quite well.

Okay. Sub cancelled. I have until June 17 to finish the fucking class.

Better get on my ass about this.


He has such a warped mind.

I am so angry at these people who are in positions of authority, or just, such narrow minded windows on life, who have these things they don’t deserve.

I must understand that nature balances all in the end. I must understand it.

At least it’s an encouraging attitude to have. It might not be true…

Well whatever.

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