The other scammy thing about modern therapy is like, with kaiser at least, my therapist pretends to be there, just like Nick, but he isnt’. He’s a piece of meat, and ought to be exploded like one.

I was about to open up about some more of my problems to him but I got the vibe he didn’t want to hear it. That’s how he communicates. “Solve it yourself” he says. Wow. What a loser. Why am I paying you again? To tell me to do it myself? That’s fucking retarded.

So I was going to tell him I canned the sub and will decreases the ffeine but like, this and that, and moan moan whine. He has no attitude or humor or cheer whatsoever. He’s amazingly bland flat and just stupid.

He’s brainless, in short. And ought to be shot in the head like a horse.

I am having a daydream in which he struggles against someone who is trying to tie him down and shoot him in the head. He’s grotesque about it and uses every tool at his disposal. He is a cockroach. Age old adage.

Some people like their therapists I suppose. Seems odd to me.

Work was shit today. I didn’t do anything and now I’m going to feel guilty about it.

lol jk you’re all horse radish and I’m going to live my life.

Fuck you.

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