Ugh. I took my klonopin, which I’m only allowed 3 of a day, I need like, fucking daily therapy, they only have time for it weekly, which is, y’know, I guess you could make claims about how good or bad that is but basically it’s NOT GOOD ENOUGH and yeah american medicine possibly earth medicine is so sad…

I can’t believe I got the short end of the stick. I feel like even, even, if I’m happy now, I’ll be a sickening sort of happy.


This one’s done but I guess I just suit my needs because I need a lot to survive which I care about and I’m sure others do. It’s nice that BUDDHISTS want to nuke things.

Well. What else can I say.


At some point you probably do things.

I need to play tennis with my brother this weekend again.

If family hide from me on the internet they do a 100% good job of it and I’m sure would be very scarred and embarassed to have it any other way.

Why not keep it.

Though I am just guessing and believing in the power of impermanence. Such weighty thoughts.

Why can’t I let go…

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