I always have more to say, but there won’t be enough time to say it… goodbye, later…

No one on here is going to complain about my addictions. No one on here cares about me.

That works to my advantage. That is my asset. I like that.

So, what I mean to say is… Twitch is a good place for terrorists at heart who have lost touch with reality to hang out.

I don’t like being wiretapped and I can’t tell the difference between reality and imagination often. It’s such a liability but somehow I have a day job and a family (what kind what kind? not important…)

Where was I. Distracted by my phone. Ha ha ha so funny to laugh at idiots on a massive scale when they can’t hurt you. Good to laugh period.

I think I am analyzing, for once, a problem incorrectly. It’s not… my ADHD that’s the problem. It’s my ADHD that’s the problem. And I’m not even diagnosed.

So it could be like coffee or just natural? I don’t know? I mean can it be induced by a lifestyle?

Eh. This can be figured out it doesn’t seem too difficult.

Some people (most people) are really not worth my time. Americans are still violent brutes.

Except the smart ones. And those… stay out of the way.

Unfortunate equation, isn’t it?


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