Nothing new

I feel like writing so I write. It’s that simple.

Why, though, do I have this luxury. It’s so strange to me. Do people not have the luxury of writing?


Elementary school. Is. A. Big. Word.

I don’t know. It’s odd. Blogging is new agey at least. I’m sure some people think I’m a terrorist. I mean you no harm.

Psychopaths. I owe no crazy an apology. I do each time it shoots my dad in the foot. Yes I care about him.

In a way.

Well anyway just went to group therapy. Things I don’t want to talk about.

But what about my entitlement?

Of place.

Of place?

Do I celebrate good things? Should I? What is celebration?

On Thanksgiving? There’s a holiday for saying thank you? That’s rather British when you think about it.


That’s the punchline, isn’t it…

I wasn’t in it for that but oh well.

I still get these visions. I wonder. If I’ll ever be cured or if I’ll just be treated my whole life.

I don’t understand how it’s possible to be in such a trap, in so much pain, all the time.

Twitch is the strangest website I have ever encountered.

I believe in psychic. I don’t want to talk about it. I don’t’ believe it.

Life’s hard.

I should read before bed. This will take some practice to get into.

My sense of cause and effect is so irrational.

I learned some thinks from this presentation, therapy. It was good.

I’m so worried Kaiser will either be sued or not sued.

I don’t get many visitors. I am so out of the way. Why do I think I’m such a problem?

Ugh. I don’t like people. Most of them, anyway.

It’s odd how nasty some can be to one another.

Immediately like one prof bullies the other.

I don’t get how all of these bad things happen.

I won’t focus on it. Which is very unlike me. I wonder.

Well anyway I guess I’m going to have memories formant as auditory voices for the night. People who insist on having ego inside me. Which, of course, sounds filthy.

Yeah the teachers were gross.

Evil actually.

But they made some good points.

So I think the point is I’m wiretapped and to… listen to more presentations.

I wonder.

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