People I know are trying to hunt me down on the internet. There’s nothing wrong with this identity pursuit, just, it’s best I’m left alone and I’ll have to do my best to hide to achieve it.

Work is, programming in JMP, and it’s a SHIT language for basic comp sci functions. Good for data tables and graphs, BAD fort EVERYTHING else. Wowza. So difficult to manage. =/

I’m wasting my time on things that are just bum fucking annoying. They’ve thrown the temp contractor at this task that is like, stupid, and stupidly easy, and meaningless, cuz they already have an answer done another way (the smart way), but there’s just nothing else for me to do because they anticipated their labor loads incorrectly. Sigh. Fuck. I’d rather run my assays on the samples that we’re supposed to be receiving, even though that is painful. I’m, that’s how far I am down the rabbit hole. It’s stupid.

So in other news…

Uphold, the crypto wallet app / site, is a scam because restoring your account requires information that is impossible to find, even as the owner of that information, because your bank account WON’T organize your data in a way that allows you to access it in a sane humanly possible way. You’d have to be a scripting guru of some sort to get it. You need like the date of the last transaction to/from your Uphold account via your bank. Why would you know that? It was… a long time ago? It might not sound stupid, but trust me; it is.

So there goes THAT money. I don’t even know how much I lost! It’s so stupid.

I do see my flabby breasts returning to normal fit, though, if I play enough tennis with my brother. Twice a week ought to do it. This will be a logistical nightmare (did you know 9/10 doctors don’t know what common use of the word logistical means? O_o told you doctors are brainless) to organize, especially on his end, but we got like on the weekend down, and maybe we just play twice on the weekend someweeks, and then other weeks one day during the week during the warmer seasons should be easier. RUNONSENTENCE KOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!


But what I really mean to say is: My angel russian pianist on Twitch will be playing tonight after midnight. =|. I wish to see her well and alive. Love. Love at first sight. I have seen an angel and it is love. She is… beautiful.

But also, um, I’ve said but too many times, someone take away my license to drive…


I don’t remember her username though. I’ll have to sift through my following list.

I also wanted to invest in a green token/crypto on Uphold but I guess they lose me as a customer! Too bad sucks to be them. Incompetence at its finest. Security’s tight around that bitch. Fuckers.

If only…

Well any case.

So I’m stuck at work, stuck in my personal life, so what do I do?

You know?

Read a book?


This is SOStupid…

Oh yeah, also, PS: I’m waiting for Kaiser to send me some paperwork so my mom can apply for intermittent LOA (leave of absence) at her POE (piece of shit–oops, I mean place of employment), and Kaiser refuses to do so. So that’s nice. Healthcare proving it is inefficient again. In America.




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