Up on the toes is better than flat-footed.

I don’t know why I would develop all these maladaptive coping mechanisms AFTER I get doctors. In America.

Ugh argument.


Things are odd.

Just watching some Twitch. They’re going easy on the terrorism tonight. Thank God. Not sure why they wouldn’t.

I don’t know. Some orgs get real low, spiritually, and then they misbehave. Lives are lost. I’m sure some folk committed suicide on twitch. That’s all swell and well but… I didn’t really want to get involved.

These restrictions are rough.

Hakumai tonight. Does not appear in search.


I have a judgement of her. The hope is it could be all wrong. The miserable part is I lived through the hallucinations that they induced.

Wow. I blame that on her. Some people are too perfect.

But ah no they aren’t.

In any case she looks like she’s 13 but acts like she’s um, mid-20’s? And plays piano of course. Not a gentle soul.

I don’t know. I am having a lot of existential crisis tonight. People are infecting my thoughts. I ought focus on that a little more.

Like it’s a competition to watch TV.

Ugh. I don’t like where this is going…

Life is so difficult. It’s 1:30 and I have to go to sleep and wake up for an easy day at work from home doing some unaided unmanaged computer programming (development lololol).

Being wrong is still just being wrong. I don’t know how so many strangers knew me so well. Life’s odd. I didn’t say a fucking word. This wiretapping scandal is atrocious.

So many corporations are just violating like huge fucking laws.

But there’s hope.

Eh. I suppose.

Tired of talking.

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