Gibberish, as usual

I don’t know, as one with a mental diagnosis, what my case against anyone is. I am not a lawyer, for starters. That’s nice, TED, tyvm.

Um, it’s odd, to be, so,… hunted. Sorry, distracted.

Telepathy is not real.

But I believe in it!

Must be a new religion.


I think I should not move my body the wrong way. I was tennis-smart the whole time. But somehow the muscle stiffness that the doctors stopped asking about killed me. I am now on OTC neuropathy pills, no claim as to efficacy yet, Um, seems not to kill you on the spot. Phew! Don’t like death…

Or is it anticipation of death that I loathe?

Well either way…

Thank you for listening. This is just a contingency plan.

Whatever that means…

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