I just really want all the terrorists (streamers) on twitch to relax and let me watch their media without psychically shooting me in the temple with a gun, to kill their own viewership in the process. –_+ =( BTW mozarella cheese. Why so much religion though ew. D=

Well, anyway, people are blind and don’t understand brain disease, hardly even the professionals, and I’m not entitled to what I’m endowed with, or what is legally mine, lots of crime crime crime! Good ol Comcast! ;-) But also… Looking for less fatalist bullshit. Overpowering someone sure is a good way to win an argument. […]

I don’t know what to do. I have to stay awake because I have insomnia but I will also be rather miserable because I don’t know why because. MY media is being corrupted. It’s not my fault, it is my entitlement, I am entitled to it, it is being removed ILLEGALLY, and the CRIMINALS are […]

Here it is: They broke into my house (mind), offered me a cup of tea, and I shot them in the head politely. They bitched at me afterward, I judged them, I went to prison, for defending myself. And QED that’s justice. Be nice to criminals who caused it! ;-D

I just. I don’t even know. I don’t get it. I am, I am, a patient. At a healthcare group. In a healthcare grup. Wow fuck you. WOw. Yes wow. Fuck you wow. Fuck off garbage shithead wow fuckyou wow all of you wow shitheads. Oh snap: The blog nsaps! Neato! Thanks, shitty planet! You’re […]

I do, actually, prefer gentle landings. Fuck you all. My therapist is going to snap, again, no wait, he already did? I don’t know what’s the differents lol? Just like Nick, no wait that was paranoia, same difference. Ah well. BECAUSE I panic in their direction. (Means talk a lot. Wow unbelievably difficult to tolerate.)

What I usually mean by that is I usually go until I’m satisfied but nowadays that never comes, but I run out of time or get tired and have to stop otherwise. Which doesn’t feel so good. In fact, it feels REALLY bad. Blogging and the perks. .nn

One thing’s for sure, I need to stop being so stupid, eliminate stupid things from my life at all costs, and stop listening to the voices, whenever they’re retarded (which is all the time, good job guys). I have some good dreams, it’s true. I blog with a frequency. Live with it. This objective subjective […]

There’s something really unpleasant about people, though. This whole “instinct” thing, is it real, and if so, how? Eh. man. I don’t read the psychology papers. I don’t read much of much. I never feel alone. I don’t know why or how to fix anything. Nature. Need more nature in my life. -_- Shitty Freudian […]

I don’t like how I don’t like anyone anymore. I don’t like anyone on the internet, I mean. IRL I just am scared of people. maybe nothing has changed, actually… sigh… But I really, I mean, I would have thought the UN would be more on top of the human rights violations. Honestly, I would […]