It really is rather narrow-minded of me if my subconscious is taking on a human form. I’m disappointed in myself hugely. I thought I was more creative than that.

I am getting this blissful serotonin rush from the Depakote lately, ugh, I don’t like it, it doesn’t seem healthy. I have my psychiatrist tomorrow (holy hell, finally, I better write down what I want to talk to him, and consult my mom).

Jesus. This whole thing has been such a nightmare of a ride.

This morning is starting to settle into a normal schedule. I have also not been waking up on time lately. mmm. The doctors will throw words like, “Time management” at me. Wow. Lowlifes.

Anyway I’m just…



I have no life anymore. It’s just a survival against the mental illness. -_-. The rest is depression. Whatever, I know that’s a stupid way to put it…

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