I guess it’s real. My mental illness really fucking me in the ass. Crushing my life. It’s real, it has been real, everyone who loves me knows it and is so so sorry for me.


I mean, I can’t establish relationships, I can’t get a gfgfgf, I can’t travel. There’s so many things I can’t do (travel… I can travel, as long as it doesn’t get worse…). But human stuff is not me nor for me.

I am a LONER, as those in high school once said.

They never called me that, but I know the term. I don’t know if it’s a real word. I don’t really want to look it up.

So segue to Coursera.org, which is evil slime. It’s an educational website with courses available, many numerous, some free some for money, reasonable always reasonable, annnnd… they psychically (not PHYsically) assault me. In the mind. Through… how? I don’t know. They just do.

It hurts to learn some of the things on there, it’s so dangerous.

So I can’t.

They threaten me with psychic violence so I can’t learn.

Wow. That’s awesome.

Thank you, free education.

Though I’m sure some kid had grammar school that was fucking even worse, mind you…


Tres royale.

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