I give, why not…

Just drove dad to the train station. I can’t hate myself like I do. Is nonlinear things rl? It haz 2 be.

What else…


And then nothing.

And then nothing.

And how much of some people are not welcome, but at war with ME ME ME

how so?>

Just go…

It’s so difficult to understand why during other moments we don’t understand the simple things in front of us. I don’t have anyone, and that’s the fucking best thing in my life.

Gosh. I have enough. Please don’t give me more.

Please, I really am trying not to hurt you.

I believe I can.

That is…


It isn’t.

It’s a thought.

Sorry, though, but you’re not real?

How to explain to you.

I mean your person version will live one. You have nothing to fear. Your alias in me, is gone, and I am free.

It need not be

This way.

Go away.

Go away.

Come out and play. Tell me why it was so grand(iose) when it was yesterday seeming things wise and folly 2 n such n go go

WHy so?

I don’t


The cutoff

For fate

I can’t legally believe in it

I can’t

I choose not to be that person

It’s arbitrary

At least it’s neither good nor evil

But it will change everything

What is it?

I already forgot

I want to win

Because I’m right

But why would you be here, inside me, without my permission, so long, so many times?

I don’t understand.


It doesn’t make any sense.

I’m tired…

But I also have nowhere to go.

What does that mean? That my home is uncomfortable? Is that it?

Because I honestly honestly not lying, haven’t realize yet. I haven’t even noticed that my living conditions are shot.

And I don’t know what a stalker is

Because there are so many of you

Your individuality

Gives you strength

Which is my downfall

So long live the queen

Formality, manners, and nicety


Fuck the state

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