Steam games actually tend to be pretty shitty. I just now realized.

Thanks to all for being here. Thanks.

I mean it.

I am so alone so often. I have voices keep me company… it’s not the same.

Thanks, I won’t boss you around, but really, just be yourselves…

So uhhh…


A lil’ bit of what I can’t handle on the menu for tonight.


And immediately I think of others.

I think of others who have it worse.



Steam games… not my cup of tea. So it’s a business. Steam’s a company. A digital one. Game Designer is a job title. It’s all just… life. Day-to-day. Formulaic, yes. I mean, that’s all it is.

And if you know more… well…

I’m not sure.

I’ll try to be…

better, I guess…

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