Finally. A Twitch streamer who isn’t a total fuckass. Kinda hot and knows what’s up. Jesus fucking christ that was holy hell hell. No fuck you that wasn’t ennough. I’m going to overpower her and if I do she’ll just get her way, too. It’s about we both win. All of us win. That’s what […]

Does anyone know what I am trying to say anymore? Or did we all just give up trying a long time ago? Sigh. It’s out of the goodness of my heart. And it all makes sense to me. I’ll explain. That will make it worse. Enjoy what’s coming.

You all fuckass niggerdly shits are going to hate yourselves when you learn how dangerous and destructive what you all did to me is/was. I’m holding account to you. Fuck you. I’m going on a lawsuit at you. You stupids. Stupids. Fuck you go die so hard. Except the nice ones who are suicidal, of […]

I stick to my word. Fuck you. Fuck off. Go die. But I can’t say that. And I don’t mean it. Even if I have to lie to you. Because whether or not you do… Jump off that bridge I love you. And you better not. So just… listen. Listen. Listen. And listen. Do not… […]

My mom doesn’t work tonight. So she decided to harass me. She’s going to feel guilty. I cry because she will feel guilty. … Hallucinations. Didn’t you see the movie? Weren’t you paying attention? If you’re now John Nash, wow, horrifying, be very very afraid. Except don’t be. That’s the point. You better get real […]


Why does not liking people on the internet necessitate not liking their media. I don’t know that’s just me. I have to like the author to like the book, so to speak. And turns out I don’t like most authors. Or any, any I can think of, these days. I wish safety weren’t an issue. […]


Well. I see my voice is starting to be corrupted by wordpress. That’s very nice of you to defame me like that. Or whoever you are. I don’t know who’s bringing justice to you anymore. I better figure out how the U.S. criminal justice system works. It doesn’t, as of now. i wish it did, […]

Not banned from a single twitch channel. Not even banned from wordpress. Just fucking hallucinating and unaware of it at that! Fuck, man. For all my swearing, you’d think I have manners. Like a pirate with manners or something. A british pirate. Fucking erh.

Nothing interests me. I need to remember to keep it cool throughout all this. I’m too young to have a mid-life crisis. Ugh. I also can’t afford it. I have many years and will need the money. Etc. Or, er, um… Well… I forgot. Though… Uhhhh— Yeah. O_o Fuck you for showing up. I hate […]