Fuck you stupid garbagey ass pieces of shit. I’m tempted to instigate your suicide but you’re so stupid you’d listen.

My mom told me not to.

America’s not a free land because of retards like you having the money to afford lawyers.

Garbagey ass place.

Also this fucking entertainment media ponzy scheme is shit.

There’s no such thing as TV. It’s corruption, not TV.


You guys are such whores.

Fuck you all so cumpy dumpy stupid idiots evil evil slime.

Coworkers deserve to jump off bridges.

Best friend doesn’t say hi, as usual. He’s done with.

Good for him, I hope his gf turns into a narc and he ends up abused by her.

Stupid insano freaks with your superpowers.

You fools will perish.

For obvious reasons.

And it’s so amazing to me that none of you see it.

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