Nothing interests me. I need to remember to keep it cool throughout all this. I’m too young to have a mid-life crisis. Ugh.

I also can’t afford it. I have many years and will need the money.


Or, er, um…


I forgot.





Fuck you for showing up. I hate you a lot.

Yall ghosts/memories.

Fucking up my nerves.

Sometimes you hybridize with reality

that fucks over MULTIPLE humes.

Stupidest species.

Literally show me a healthy person.

Ugh. Exercise. I forgot what that means…

Nothing interests me. This is probably the next phase of opioid withdrawal. Why is it taking so long to recover? I was on a lot of kratom. A lot. 30 teaspoons a day. =/

Man. Nick got me started. He didn’t even help me get off.

He didn’t even apologize!

He’s such a douche.


AND he’s not being a friend in any way shape or form! Why! Jesus.


I give up.

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