Why does not liking people on the internet necessitate not liking their media.

I don’t know that’s just me. I have to like the author to like the book, so to speak.

And turns out I don’t like most authors.

Or any, any I can think of, these days.

I wish safety weren’t an issue.

I wish I could just get mugged and live with it.

I want to be cool again.

I don’t want all this extremism in my life. I’m perpetually horrified.

Scolded my therapist again. We take turns doing it at each other back and forth. Which is mostly… just shows how bad at his job he is. JK it’s what they learn in school, it’s bullshit, all of it.

We’re increasing my dose of Depakore. I hope it works. I don’t really know.

I’m getting a warm flash.

People don’t like when I’m flexible with my language. They get pissy with me. Go the fuck away, then, stupid ass.

People are royal retards. I have no friends. Some are so kind they offer and give me rape without my permission. That’s not kind, it’s rape. I’m a male 32 yo. Wow. The problem got worse, it seems! lol =P

Well anyway nothing to do but be a rape victim! How do I report this btw? I’m also schizophrenic so no one will believe me. Just fyi.

Eh. I don’t feel like getting a lawyer. I don’t know who to sue. i don’t want them sued I want them in prison.

IT doesn’t matter except as much as my life does. Which is hell of real when there’s a gun to your head and you’re scared of it! Wow! No one gets it.

I guess the coffee worked, for now.

I got home and things were okay.

Then mom fucked me.

Now I’m being fucked by the internet.

No one loves me.

And let’s keep it that way.


Best ending I could think of…

Bomb the church.

Or at least tax it.

Whichever is worse.

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