Well I didn’t get to the meat of the story, but hopefully we never will! why? I don’t know I’m just spewing bilge

Mom scolded me for instigating the suicide of the reader on my blog. Ugh. That would be a terrible reason to go to prison in a foreign country.


I do have to talk. And I have to say angry things, to release. And there’s no other release being provided! If the one pondering suicide only knew how few options I had, they might be a little more forgiving… and kill themselves anyway. ;-D

What else…

I don’t have a suicidal girlfriend.

The voices just said I have a suicidal girlfriend. They said they WERE my suicidal girlfriend.

I have strange relationships…


I know, scientists and docts, I’m not. This is my life. Maybe you missed that when you decided to be willfully ignorant of MY ENTIRE SATORY.


I have nothing to do at work today or tomorrow. It’s going to be a rough two days. =/

Mom is being insulting again. We had a chat and boy does she know my weak spots! Neato!

I got to exercise.

But make sure don’t make fun of her or else! Yeah yeah yeah!

Man do I have to shit… All over her face.

Just perusing some JMP forums. What a stupid name.

Last night was horrifying. My mom, I tried discussing it with her but all she did was interrupt and slather her opinions over my story. Good work, caregiver! F!



-_- =(


My brain is too slow. Fuck fuck fuck!




I should just end this post.


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