As Usual

No one is human. Everyone is a perfect robot police officer on the inside. I am so alone and surrounded by guns pointed at my head. I will never survive. I always do. I shouldn’t, it hurts so bad. It hurts so bad, I shouldn’t. I am a firm believer of that. I wish I […]


Guess I have to argue my way to mental health now. I just want a cafe where you can, in some country, with like a nice beverage, say something rude to someone, and it doesn’t start a fight, it’s just an explanation. Information is exchanged and we’re all better off. But AMERICA is nice because […]


Ugh. I was doing so well. The psychosis kicked in. The telepathy, the empathy hell, the humanity, the people acting “nice” but evil, whatever, however you describe it, it kicked in and it’s here. My pills, I hope, wow, do I hope they work. I don’t know what guarantee my psychiatrist signed on me to […]

Enemies Call

I don’t know what to say, it’s so odd. I have an existential crisis a night. Worse, I have a fake perceptions delusions delusions delusions… I don’t and haven’t cared about my readership for the longest time. You might be wondering why I’m even here instead of just writing it on my PC. I mean […]

I’m trying to assemble a chair I bought from amazon but I think I’ll need my mom’s help. I wish I weren’t such a freak isolated from the world. I live in such my own reality. It’s astounding how schizophrenic I am. No one knows me. I know no one. In the middle of society, […]

Even… Odd…

I feel like, working on the literary magazine is so amazingly amazing fun good things, times, that, and just, real life, sucks. And now it’s time for real life again. Ugh. Why. Why this. Work is nothing. One day. One day of confusion. Monday I will ask my senior what I’m working on now. He […]


Not everything has to be loud and abrasive to win. For a while on here it was that way. For a while the noisy ones were teh winners. That is never true. I apologize for teaching heathen chemistry. Be kind. Be love. I want to mend what I broken on here, at least for now, […]

M eyes are rolling back into my head. I’m getting bliss episodes. Dunno why, haven’t taken anything, had a coffee an hour ago. Um, wish to be productive at the computer, but can’t! Noooooooooooooooo! =P

It’s paranoia. There’s no evidence either way they want me gone or not. They act nice around me, probably means they like me somewhat, or don’t hate me at least. I mean, why bother lying something like that? I have to look at the logic sooner or later, even someone paranoid like me. Or are […]