Enemies Call

I don’t know what to say, it’s so odd. I have an existential crisis a night. Worse, I have a fake perceptions delusions delusions delusions…

I don’t and haven’t cared about my readership for the longest time. You might be wondering why I’m even here instead of just writing it on my PC. I mean I have my reasons. It’s different.

Hmm. I don’t understand things. Why would people stay silent about open things. Facts ought to be free. Some people like hiding them. Some people like hiding knowledge. So that we can all die. So that we can all be stupid and die. I guess that is a lifestyle or life goal. Power to you.

I don’t really like you if you do that.

I get perceptions of people.

I wish there were anything anything anything in my life but people.

If I could at least slow down enough to read my own blog posts, that would help. There are baby steps I can take to figure it out.

Not believing the devil when it pretends to be my brother or my friends is a good first step.

It’s harder than it sounds, though.

It really is.


There’s no good conclusion to this. Again. Isn’t there. I feel so bad so often. No one helps me because I don’t talk. No one knows how I feel. And I get the impression that for the most part people on the internet don’t care how you feel. They’ll make a million excuses why. And they’ll leave you by the roadside to rot.

That’s humanity.

Good luck “competing for resources”. Economics is such a “blessing”. If it’s a blessing it’s evil because religion is evil. Or just a choice. Who cares.

It’s fucked either way.

I’m glad I had my mental side intact.

I need to assemble this chair.

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